21 September, 2006

there'll be no pictures for this post

and I should really keep this to myself but, there really is nothing like getting a new bra, and tonight I got three! After putting it off and putting it off, I finally made the trip to Debra's. With time running out to find an outfit for the wedding of the next sister down, it was decided to sort out the support, improve the shape, and get a boost in confidence* that a new (proper fitting) bra gives.

I went with designer styles by Oroton, Trent Nathan, and a third I can't remember but is a pretty cappuccino colour. Ohhh the choices for tomorrow.

So if you are in Western Sydney (it would be worth the trip even if you are from further abroad)and have not been fitted for a bra, I thorougly recommend the great personal service of Debra's.

*It's hard having stick sisters as siblings. Particularly when your mother goes into shops with you and tells you how great the clothes would look on either of them. Hmmmmmm, pass me another mint slice B.

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