07 September, 2006


it was windy, very windy this morning, and a planned trip to the park did not seem like a good idea. Instead we took ourselves to lollipops, a great place for kids and adults except when it comes time to leave and No 1 Nephew decides we're staying and hides in one of the climbing tunnel type things with balls in one section.

B and I had had words on the way to our fun outing when he cautioned No 1 Nephew before we even got there that when we say it's time to go, it's time to go. I mean how negative, anticipating such a problem, we were all in a good mood and about to have fun.

If only I had consulted the crystal ball, I would have reinforced B's caution and thought twice about sending No 1 Nephew to tell B to come back with the youngest nephew to put their shoes on when it was time to go. As this was the tip for No 1 to high tail it to the climbing type things with balls in one section and requiring us to send one of the staff in to find him after giving us the slip for 25 minutes. It took a further 10 minutes mind you until he was recovered amongst the balls, seconds after I had nervously questioned as to whether there was any chance he could have been taken from the place*. He thought it was a great joke, although I wish someone had told me, and the youngest nephew, who was crabby beyond belief and just wanted a sleep.

Needless to say the lollipops that are administered upon leaving were confiscated for another day and we went straight home for a sleep, and lunch before swimming.

I thoroughly recommend Lollipops, the kids have a great time, the coffee and snacks are pretty good, and the staff are really helpful.

*I was assured there was no chance without the receipt and stickers which matched the stickers attached to each of the boys, phew!

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