01 June, 2010

Germany bound, Housesitter Required and Happy Birthday Dad!

Well, last night, I got everything finalised and booked... I am just waiting to see if a friend is going to be free to stay and look after the house and pets! The neighbours, who are totally awesome in doing it last time, are somewhat busy at the moment with building works, and I don't want to impose on them any further, and a friend of mine has offered up assistance! Thanks! I leave on Thursday, I am going to work for half of the day and then straight onto the airport.

Back in 1992, August in fact, I lost my dad to Lung Cancer... Today, he would be 79. This is a photo of him taken by his work as he had just won the employee of the year (I think... Mum, help me out here!). I often think about him and miss him...

DAD, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Well, I had best get ready for another day at work... I have a fair bit to do before heading to Germany...

Hoo roo for now...

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  1. Happy Birthday to you Dad! I know he would be very proud to see what a wonderful man you have grown up to become.
    I can see a lot of resemblance with your Dad!


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