09 June, 2010

Meeting day and points of interest...

Today, was my last 'Research Day' in Berlin, and it was spent in discussions about all sorts of stuff (of which I will NOT bore you...). But during the day, inbetween site meetings and what not, we managed to coordinate a few sites to visit. First up, was the infamous, 'Checkpoint Charlie' and to see where the Berlin Wall once stood.

Checkpoint Charlie
Berlin Wall 1961 - 1989
Berlin Wall 1961 - 1989

And I also got to walk out of the Brandenburger Tor Station out to the Brandenburg Gate, and then back into the U-BANH to the next point of call...

Brandenburg Gate

There were all sorts of people there, some remembering, some (like me) visiting for the first time, but then there were some opportunists who called themselves, 'Entertainers'!

Brandenburg Entertainers

So now, tomorrow I think I might be heading to the Zoo, depending on weather (which is supposed to be fine after some possible clearing showers) with Maribeth! Then on Thursday, I head to Helsinki and then onto Hong Kong for my meeting at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Hoo roo for now...


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