10 June, 2010

Last Day in Berlin...

On my last day in Berlin, what did I get up to? Well, I went shopping in Alexanerplatz for starters after doing a bit more sightseeing. I had to buy a shirt and a jacket, I also got another tie! I needed these for my meeting in Hong Kong, I thought what I had would have been ok, but alas a last minute email from Pako showed it was not, thus the reason for my shop! I did a bit of 'trainspotting' on the way there as I was amazed as to the various types of trains the have!

Berlins S-BAHN
24 Carriage Train

I also had breakfast in Alexanderplatz Square, which was great, as I had to wait for the store to open. I was only going to look at this one, and then go OVER to another across the way to compare. I ended up finding a nice shirt, tie and linen jacket combo, so I went with that. BUT, when I bent down to pick up a shirt, my back went CRACK, and there I stayed... I went pale white, broke out in beads of sweat and felt as though I was to vomit. The sales girl who was helping me was very concerned and I was promptly (slowly) taken to their sick bay. I was there for about 30-40mins, before I headed to the GP, and I was then quickly sent for an MRI (MRT called here). This showed it OK to fly out that afternoon, so I was given some medication and a bill. I think they give it this way so as NOT to fear you! 435 EURO later, I will be sending it onto the Insurance as soon as I get home!

So then it was onto Berlin Tegel airport for my flight to Helsinki and then onto Hong Kong. Both the flight from Berlin and my departure from Helsinki were in daylight, EVEN at 11.45pm!

Approach to HEL from TXL
Vacating RWY HEL
OH-LQE Wingtip HEL - HKG

Next stop, Hong Kong!!!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. My last day was far less dramatic. Although my feet are still terribly swollen. I fear a visit to the doctor is imminent on Monday!


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