10 June, 2010

Tierpark Zoo: - Berlins Zoo

I had the opportunity to go to Tierpark Zoo in Berlin, it was a great day, hot and sunny, and great company, Maribeth!

I caught the S-BAHN and then a U-BAHN to get there, and when I arrived, there was a Black Bear and her Cub out on a display through glass right out on the street!

Tierpark Zoo Black Bear
Tierpark Zoo Running Bear

We purchased our tickets and in we went. We saw all sorts of things from Crocs to Pelicans and monkeys.

Tierpark Zoo Mixed Bag
1. Tierpark Zoo Horned Owl, 2. Tierpark Zoo Zebra, 3. Tierpark Zoo Mother Calf Giraffe, 4. Tierpark Zoo Har Life Rhino, 5. Tierpark Zoo Maribeth Sabretooth Cat, 6. Tierpark Zoo Monkey Just adA Swim, 7. Tierpark Zoo Mother Baby Monkey, 8. Tierpark Zoo Smile Crocodile, 9. Tierpark Zoo Pink Flamingos Pond

But the highlight was clearly the Elephants.

Tierpark Elephant Walk THIS Way
Tierpark Zoo Elephants
1. Tierpark Zoo Elephant Calf CU, 2. Elephant for FB, 3. Tierpark Zoo Elephants Playing Pool, 4. Tierpark Zoo Elephant Pool Party, 5. Tierpark Zoo Elephant Calf, 6. Tierpark Zoo Elephants Not Too Deep, 7. Tierpark Zoo Elephant Mothers Protecting Calf, 8. Tierpark Zoo Elephant, 9. Tierpark Zoo Elephants Rear

After the Elephants, on our way out we saw some Zebras and finally, Knuts family!

Tierpark Zoo Knut's Uncle or Aunt

Man it was a hot day, and we enjoyed a few beers, both in the Zoo and back at Uschi's place where we had a BBQ. Thank you my dear friends for having me...

Tierpark Zoo Maribeth Funny

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. It was a fun day! Hope your back is better! I'm off in 2 hours.


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