05 June, 2010

Goodbye Sydney, welcome to Berlin

Well, I am finally here in Berlin... And thankfully, it is completely different to how I left Sydney! This is some pictures of Sydney when I was waiting at the airport when I left...

How I left Sydney, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

How I left Sydney, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

And then this was Berlin last night, at around 9.45pm...

Berlin TV Tower, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
It was a long flight, Sydney to Bangkok to Helsinki to Berlin, but I had good flights all the way through. After getting to where I am staying, I had a shower to freshen up and so on, and I had to go for a walk... You see, I had bought with my the WRONG power adaptor! AND, across the road from the train station there was a big department stor... Sort of like Myers/David jones back home... All they had though, was an Eastern Europe to GB adaptor which was ok as I then used my GB power adaptor to then get me to my plug. And on my way home, I stopped at the Sausage place (who's name escapes me just now, but I will be going back as they were YUMM) for some lunch. During lunch, I had a chat with the guy there for around 30 mins, before heading back and having a short nap, or so I thought... What was going to be a 30-45 min nap ended up being a couple of hours!

I then headed into 'Alexanderplatz for dinner... I don't know if this is normal for here, but I thought I was in a goth city with almost EVERYONE in black, black and matching black... Even the guys were wearing black eyeliner and so on! They were extremely friendly though, as a group was playing with a soccer ball and as it was kicked a little wildely, he apologised (I think...) and stopped for me to go past! Nice hey!
Hoo roo for now...

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  1. Lot's of people in the city right now. I was in blue and red yesterday, myself! No eye liner either! LOL!
    Just woke now and need a quick shower and breakfast before we are off to see Herr Isegrim! Anneliese is currently resting up!
    See you tomorrow, but perhaps we can chat tonight when we return!


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