02 October, 2012

My take on (Written Inc.: Thematic Photographic 215 - Shiny) Skydeck

This weeks TP, see carmi's link below, is 'Shiny'. I did have to think about what I could do for this, and I remembered that on this past weekend, whilst in Melbourne for the 2012 AFL Grand Final, we went to the top of the Eureka Skydeck, the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere! AND, I recalled taking a photo looking to the East of Melbourne of the War Memorial, and there was the reflection, shiny, of the glass (which is 24 carat Gold Plated as well, so its SHINY!!).

View of the War Memorial from the Eureka Skydeck

Written Inc.: Thematic Photographic 215 - Shiny

Hoo roo for now...

30 September, 2012

2012 AFL Grand Final - Well Done Sydney Swans!!

This morning, I am a little 'horse', I have a headache, but I am glad to have both... Yesterday, the mighty Sydney Swans won the 2012 AFL Grand Final!! Final score was Sydney 14-7-91 to Hawthorn 11-15-81!!


The day started early, I went down to the MCG, a 10-15 walk from Richmond, to soak up the atmosphere. I arrived at my designated gate, No. 4!


I also caught up with some friends from Sydney, D&A were also down, (A being a tragic supporter as well!!!), and finally the gates opened!

2012 AFL Grand FInalUntitled

The stadium filled quickly, all 99,683 of us, the entertainment was good, (The Temper Tramp & Paul Kelly) and then the AusKick kids came up, and stormy skies came over...


The game itself, was excellent, in that both teams had a mutual respect for each other, and the game changed so many times, especially in the final quarter!

2012 AFL Grand FInal2012 AFL Grand FInal

Post match, they also had a concert, where at 6pm, the gates opened so as supporters who didnt get a ticket could come in...

2012 AFL Grand FInal

What a fantastic day...

2012 AFL Grand FInal

Hoo roo for now...

26 September, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 61 - Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Holmenkollen Ski Jump - Oslo, Norway

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Hoo roo for now...


25 September, 2012

Thematic Photorgaphic - "Grounded"

Following on from Carmi's 'Grounded' TP this week, I am going with an idea he has given for this week's TP. He mentioned that, "Sure, we can get into a plane and fly, or if we're really, really lucky, we can go into orbit and float around for a while". So with that idea in mind, here is Air Berlin becoming 'Grounded'...


Also, whilst in Oslo earlier this year, I witnessed the 'Changing of the Guard' ceremony, which was great by the way, but, by the looks of these guys marching, they are certainly 'grounded' as well, given the dust they're kicking up!!


Hoo roo for now...

21 September, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins #3

And...here we go!
  1. I don't know what it's like to travel in a 'set group itinerary; I only know how to travel as myself and 'footlose and fancy free' (so to speak).
  2. "Rollercoaster" would be a great title for my life.
  3. A couple of weeks from now the football season will be all over, and it will be cricket time, which is a game I love as I was once a Curator.
  4. Looking forward to any number of things, but in particular, an upcoming trip to Vietnam...
  5. I drove from Sydney to Melbourne and caught the ferry across to Tasmania back in '87 on a driving holiday. Had a great time, all those years ago...
  6. Seeing the Orchids, especially the mini Cymbidium, I was happy.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Swans v Collingwood game, where (hopefully, the Swans will win a place for next weekends Grand Final, tomorrow my plans include watering in the fertiliser I put out last week, possibly a 7yo birthday party as well and Sunday, I want to sit back, relax and maybe, as its forecast to be nearly 30c, go for a ride on the bike!
Hoo roo for now...

20 September, 2012

Thursday Thirteen # 16 Randomness

Thursday 13 - randomness

  1. Tomorrow night, Friday, it is the Swans v Collingwood for a place in the AFL Grand Final - Go Swannies!
    Swans Sale
  2. I am also in the Ballot group for the Grand Final, IF the Swans win on Friday night... So hopefully, I will be in Melbourne for the Grand Final on Saturday 29th September!
  3. My birthday this year, was a V8 experience at Eastern Creek, now known as Western Sydney motorsport Park.
  4. J's birthday this year, was a Rally Drive Experience at the Hunter Valley Rally School.
    Passing through the dust of the car infront
  5. M's birthday this year, was a Hang Gliding experience (this photo, whilst not her, you may get the idea...).
    Airborne - with Wollongong in the distance...
  6. Thinking, that next year, Europe will be calling me more than China... I have an ETS and an ITS meeting, in Dublin and Beijing respectively. So I think it will be a Dublin, England, Norway and Czech republic trip.
  7. The entrance into work, is truly a magnificent gateway, agree?
    Work Gateway
  8. I love having Orchids, but this little fellow, is more stunning close-up!
    TINY little Cymbidium, aprox 5mm across, in bloom...
  9. Santiago, was a lovely city, even by winter standards, it was lovely. Even at the top of the Andes, it was nice!
    Valle Nevado: - Top of the Andes
  10. iOS6 is now available for my iPhone4S, so I will do the update this evening when I get home.
  11. The garden is coming back into shape, well the front anyway... Having a 14 month old Great Dane pup means the backyard, will need a little more time and resources, but it'll get there!
    Watering in
  12. The weekend will be warm, I like how it is now warming up... Looking at 30c on Sunday!!
  13. Monday, I have to go and get my Visa for an upcoming trip in November!
Hoo roo for now...

19 September, 2012

18 September, 2012

Thematic Photographic - Retro

Last week, when heading down to Woolloomooloo for lunch, I spotted this old car, of which I think is a 'Type 34, Karman Ghia'. The Naval Officer seemed pretty 'chuffed' that I was taking a snap with my iPhone whilst waiting to cross the road!

Thematic Photographic - Retro

This is, of course, a return to Thematic Photographic, and this week, has a 'Retro' theme, and I think this car fits the bill nicely. Certainly a distinct departure from the modern cars of today!

Hoo roo for now... ------

17 September, 2012

Just another manic Monday...

Questions is, did you read the title, or sing it??

After doing the front garden and lawn yesterday, I was thinking about dinner, and what I would do... I have had a craving for a roast lately, and a Pork one at that with some good crackeling... But, with friends coming for dinner, one of which doesn't like the flavour of pork, I thought as to what to do. So, I thought of a dish that I have not done in a while...

Its pretty easy, really, and its quite nice!
Pancetta Wrapped Beef on a bed of Mash and mashed peas
  • 2 x strips of pancetta
  • 1 x Veal Steak (or Beef)
  • 2-3 Baby Potatoes
  • Frozen Peas
  • Garlic (minced)
  • Small Onion
    • These are per person quantaties...
  1. Season meat with a little pepper and simply wrap the Pancetta around your cut of meat. For last nights meal, I used Scotch Fillets as there was no Veal, and its better with a Veal cut as well. Cover with cling wrap and into fridge.
  2. Peal and boil potatoes in a saucepan, and in another saucepan, boil peas until very tender.
  3. Remove meat from fridge and then put into a frypan and seal one side, 3-4 minutes. Then, turn your cut and put lid on frypan, as this will cause a 'sauce'.
  4. Remove potatoes from saucpan, return it to heat; add a nob of butter, teaspoon minced garlic and diced onion and cook until just transulcant (I cheated and used Onion Flakes, works just as well). Then add potatoes and a little cream (or milk) and mash until smooth and creamy.
  5. Drain peas, another nob of butter, and return peas to pot and mash, again until smooth and creamy.
  6. Plating up is simply a stack, a spoon full of mash potato, then of peas, and then place you cut of meat atop. Pour over some of the pan juices/sauce and serve up - YUMMO!
Baked stuffed apples, with ice-creeam and passionfruit juice
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Sultanas or Dried Fruit
  • Brown (or Raw) Sugar
    • These are per person quantaties...
  1. Core center out from apple.
  2. Stuff Sultanas/Dried Fruit into the center of the apple and cover with sugar
  3. Place into a baking tray, glass/ceramic, and into a pre-heated 180c oven for about 20-30 minutes, or until the sugar caramalises and into a sauce.
  4. Serve onto a plate, topped with Ice-cream and cream, and then added a Passionfruit over the top of that - YUMMO!! 
Then, this morning I had to drop my car at the mechanics as it is time for its service and registration. So he could do the 'Pink Slip' to make sure it is road worthy! I, on the otherhand, had to then catch the train into the city, which is never a good experience...

Cityrail - Tangara

Crowded carriages and a $9.60 return fare, I'd rather drive myself in, sit in a comfy car (both train and car was sitting in traffic) and listen to the radio on the way!

I also had to pay for my CTP Greenslip, and this is a rort!!! The Government deregulated to make it cheaper to register cars in NSW some years back. If thats the case, all up, I will be paying $98 CTP, $30 Pink Slip and then another $325 just to register the car!!! And then there is Insurance (this is seperate to Greenslip)!!!

Not sure what I will do for dinner tonight, I actually really enjoyed the vegemite and cheese toastie, so maybe something nice, quick and simple like that...

Hoo roo for now...

16 September, 2012

Weekend Work & Smelly Things...

Saturday, was going to be a busy day, gardening blah blah blah... But NOOOOO... Something came up and I simply needed a diversion, so luckily enough for me, a mate came over and we simply hung out for the afternoon... Nothing planned, but I had wanted to get down to the Wisteria Gardens Fete, that we use to go to 30 odd years back. They had small rides, show bags and the like, but the gardens were (once) wonderful. It is part of a rehab hospital, so there are also patients walking about. BUT, a few years back, before L died, they had removed a lot of the Cherry Blossom trees, the Ranunculus are gone and so on, but there was a bit of colour all the same...

Wisteria Gardens FeteWisteria Gardens FeteWisteria Gardens Fete

Sunday, this NOW became my gardening day, tidy up the side garden that leads to the front door (on the side of the house; yes), prune, weed and feed the rose garden bed, and the feed the lawn. I stopped for a quick lunch of a Cheese and vegemite toastie - yumm!!

Sunday Lunch - Vegemite & Cheese toastie

I used Chook manure on the side and lawn, and the Roses got Cow manure. Needless to say that the house smells somewhat 'earthy' this evening!!

Side Garden cleaned out and fedWatering in

Hoo roo for now...