30 September, 2012

2012 AFL Grand Final - Well Done Sydney Swans!!

This morning, I am a little 'horse', I have a headache, but I am glad to have both... Yesterday, the mighty Sydney Swans won the 2012 AFL Grand Final!! Final score was Sydney 14-7-91 to Hawthorn 11-15-81!!


The day started early, I went down to the MCG, a 10-15 walk from Richmond, to soak up the atmosphere. I arrived at my designated gate, No. 4!


I also caught up with some friends from Sydney, D&A were also down, (A being a tragic supporter as well!!!), and finally the gates opened!

2012 AFL Grand FInalUntitled

The stadium filled quickly, all 99,683 of us, the entertainment was good, (The Temper Tramp & Paul Kelly) and then the AusKick kids came up, and stormy skies came over...


The game itself, was excellent, in that both teams had a mutual respect for each other, and the game changed so many times, especially in the final quarter!

2012 AFL Grand FInal2012 AFL Grand FInal

Post match, they also had a concert, where at 6pm, the gates opened so as supporters who didnt get a ticket could come in...

2012 AFL Grand FInal

What a fantastic day...

2012 AFL Grand FInal

Hoo roo for now...


  1. Now I am totally confused by the scores. I guess I will never get it! Oh well! Congratulations!!!

    1. Maribeth - there are 4 goalposts, center 2 are taller and a ball kicked through us a goal, 6 points... The outer posts on either side, are a 'behind' and is only a point.
      So, the scores are Goals-Behinds-Total!


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