17 August, 2004

Having a great time in Melbourne!!

Well, its all good down here!!

Weather is fine, all be it a bit cool over night!

Last night whilst L was at her dinner, I watched Idol, boring I know, but I HAD to see who got through after the previous night's drama, but that's another story, I went of to China Town for dinner. BUT, guess what I had...... Mexican! (must have volume ON!!) Taco Bill to be exact!!
I have been all over the place yesterday and so far this morning. I am back at the hotel to watch the men's gymnastics, and I am going to the Melbourne Botanic Gardens so go and have a look yourself!
We are off to see L's friend from across the road, B tonight, which should be fun. Then off to see P & K tomorrow night, before heading towards Ballarat for Thursday night.
So, I had better go now, off to the Gardens!

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