01 August, 2004

I'm addicted to ebay!!

I have been procrastinating over some books for sale on the internet through a seller on ebay 'Kitty's Oriental Craft Shop' for a few weeks now. The books get listed, someone else buys them and I curse myself and say I'll get them next time. Why didn't I just get them? They are written in Japanese!

Anyway, I've taken the plunge and bought them, I hope
  1. they have lots of pictures and diagrams to overcome the language barrier, and
  2. the littlest sister can help out, after all she did spend 3 months in Japan, teaching English to the Japanese.

Well this has been enough of a distraction from my study time, and B and Macc will be back soon, and more time will be wasted as I tell of my new purchases.

Just so you know ~ B has taken Macc for a tub at L's which he desperately needed as he was so dusty from rolling around in the nonexistent grass in our backyard. L is also hosting the meeting of the committee for GAPNSW, so not only will Macc be getting a bath he is also able to run around with another 'grey' and Sam who thinks she's a 'grey' for longer, and may be other puppies who are visiting as well.

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