24 August, 2004

Macc Mayhem

Congrat's A for the birth of your blog 'Blue Monkey Jammies'. B has added the link to our list of favourites, because it is sure to be one.

Today is the second day of my week off. I had a great morning with P and M, generally just catching up, looking at the purchases for February's baby, showing my craft purchases from Melbourne, and commiserating over hours wasted studying (both P and M are also studying).

I then headed over to mum and dad's to pick up the keys the littlest sister had whilst minding our house. On the way home I passed a truck with a really funky design that caught my attention, so that when I got home I had to look up the web site. Now if I was in the need for 'fine paper' I would be sold on this company. I just love the colours and the images of the dogs. The only negative I can find with it is that there isn't a greyhound. My Macc would make a fine model, he is as cheeky as the dogs depicted and is even the right colour, black.

Speaking of Macc, I gave him a bath in the backyard this morning. He was pretty good about it, I think he thought it was a bit of a game. We used to take him to scrub dub dog but apart from it being a good hours drive away, the admin of the members card was a continual problem and detracted from the fun of going. Instead we have used the services of one of the other Greyhound Adoption members who has a dog wash business and they live in the same suburb. L is great about giving Macc a wash at short notice, and Macc loves to run around with her dogs. However, today I did the honours in the backyard with a bucket and scoop. The logic being that apart from a clean dog, any water splashed around would be good for what remains of the lawn. Needless to say both of us got quite wet and muddy.

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