13 November, 2004

gingham rose quilt

it was an early start this morning, accompanying B into work to help him with his uni practical research, before going to the Willoughby Arts Centre Fair where we managed to catch up (only very briefly) with mum and dad. Followed by a trip out to Patch in Penrith where I commenced the gingham rose quilt that I purchased in kit form from Ballarat Patchwork. This was my first quilting class and the other women seem like they always have a lot of fun. I am going to enjoy going although it is going to be interesting balancing my uni studies with this extra activity.

gingham rose quilt fabric

In todays class, I learnt what a 1/4 inch foot is, amongst other things, and cut out the 120 x 5inch squares for the quilt top and even managed to get a few of them sewn together (I had to run up the road during class to purchase the 1/4 inch foot for my machine to commence this task).

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