07 November, 2004

Like a lamb off to the slaughter house

My economics exam is tomorrow morning and the last minute review is causing me a great deal of angst. Yesterday I played the recorded teletutorials, looking for some added hints on what to expect from the exam. The number of graphs, calculations and concepts the lecturer suggested needed memorising has really depressing. 10 pages of study notes have been made today alone, the only trouble is with the exam approximately 17 hours away and 7 of that sleeping time, there isn't going to be much time left to review said study notes.

I kind of wish I had listened to the teletutorials a bit sooner so that I could have targetted my study before yesterday. A little less time visting my favourite Blogs and discovering new ones might also have helped. When this exam is over I plan to update the favourite Blog links, I also have an idea or two for our webpages. Stay tuned, and

Wish me luck!

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