21 November, 2004

meandering the moonlight market

is a great way to welcome in the weekend. It was decided that we needed to get out and 'do something' so Friday I caught the train to the city and met up with B after work. The weather was a bit threatening but we weren't going to let that put us off. We were off to The Rocks Moonlight Market. We had a lovely time mixing with the masses, perusing the stalls, and listening to the live band.

We had dinner at Caminetto Italian Restaurant and also managed a couple of shops which were in the building adjacent The Rocks Market and included Rockit (a store that sells fantastic vintage clothing and other stuff). We first visited Rockit when it was situated in Katoomba, and were not sure where it had gone once it closed up there, so it was really great to find it this evening.

Saturday, B went to uni and I went to patchworking, where progress was made on the gingham rose quilt all be it a bit slow.

Sunday, was lunch at Nan's for Christine's and my birthday. It wasn't really either of our birthday's but it had been decided to hold them both at this time due to us having our birthday's so close to Christmas.

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