28 February, 2005

please read disclaimer first!!

Disclaimer: Views expressed in the following blog, are NOT those of the writer, but in fact the writers (ex)brother!

Put another strike against the brother from hell! Last night, when calling the mother to see how she was, and I get loaded up with questions about bloody land tax!!!

When I tried to express my thoughts, for what it was worth as when ever I have something to say, it is assured that he will go the opposite, I get forever spoken-over, so the easiest thing is to just hang up!! This is a common thing mind you, so don't be surprised!!!

Anyway, when I open up my email this morning, there it is, an email from him titled 'Thank you' and I thought, hang on, who stole my brother as he has never had anything to say about me that is nice, EVER!!!!

Well upon opening it, it was full of utter CRAP! Yep that's right, outright rubbish! And what's more, he goes on to say 'how I fell about us Western Suburbs Type', well hello, I was born in the bloody western suburbs and still live in the western surburbs you idiot!!

Now, to protect those of you who live north of the western surburbs, I will not go on to saying what he said about you, but bring it on, let me out of the WESTERN SUBURBS if it is self centered idiots like him in there!!!

Anyway, enough ranting and raving, I want some good news.....

So tell me about it and I will tell everyone else as I have nothing other to say but I will be having surgery in April, either the 5th after L's littlest sister's wedding on the 2nd, or on the 19th!

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