28 February, 2005

should a cat cry over spilt milk???

Or what about L crying over spilt coffee????

Ok, you now need to create a mental picture, ok!!

Your sitting down in a 'Posh Nth Shore' coffee shop (see last post)...

You are dressed in a nice crisp white dress ready to go into the 'Posh Nth Shore' shop and then later in the afternoon to 'B's specialist...

You are thorughly enjoying a coffee with a cinnamon roll...

You are sipping at you coffee, and (insert expletive ........ HERE!!!) it spills all over you front, even into your lap!!

Now, rather embarrassed, we leave somewhat hurriedly to the car to fully gauge the damage, and yes you guessed it, disaster has run rife with a coffee stain about the size of Tasmania on the dress!!!

Now what comes next is the icing on the cake, as we had come that far, yes we did do a packed lunch ALL the way over the the Nth Shore, and we were not to leave empty handed so off to the shop we go. But wait, it was rather crowded, so we retreat to the comfort of a rather large tree that will give us a strategic view of the ladies leaving the shop, allowing us to gain entry without being noticed by the passing crowds. Once we had gained entry, with handbag strategically placed too I might add, we surveyed the store and located items to be purchased with minimal fuss when all of a sudden, DAMN, a lovely shop assistant came to assist. We engaged in dialogue for some minutes, when we had to let the cat out of the bag and disclose that L has had a 'Cappucino' malfunction... Laughs were had by all, purchases made, and a hasty exit back to the car and we were once again homeward bound!

So yes, dear readers, it is ok to cry over spilt coffee as L did today, even if it was tears of laughter AFTER the event!!

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