18 February, 2005

Stitches and Craft

This was the first day spent with mum in ages. She has been busy with Christmas, school holidays and the littlest sisters wedding and I have been busy with work, uni and being moody.

(BTW I've been asked to do a reading at the littlest sisters wedding, so am over my moody. For now anyway.)

SOOOO, it was with much anticipation that a day was planned for an outing at the Stitches and Craft Show at Rosehill. If it wasn't so good to have mum all to myself for a change, I think I would have asked for my entry fee back. I wouldn't really, but you know what I mean. I don't think we have been to the February one before, and I don't think I will bother again in the future. There wasn't much there and what was there seemed all the same. The highlight of the Show was bumping into A(milly-molly-manda).

Aside: Too many A's for friends, it was discovered that this A was named by her mother after one of my mothers favourite children's books (Milly Molly Mandy, by Joyce Lankester Brisley). This all came out over a discussion about maps - don't ask.

The day was not completely a shopping disaster however, as I made the following purchases at a shop in Willoughby.

tiny tired elephants...

Indian rolling pin

And actually, it wasn't a craft disaster either as the backing fabric for the Rose Gingham Quilt arrived from Ballarat patchwork today, ready for quilting class tomorrow.

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