11 June, 2005

boofhead of the week goes to ....... b

I think I am going to enjoy this. Online war has commenced, and I know whose going to win. I'll let you however, be the judge over coming weeks. This is going to be fun....

Boofhead of the week goes to B who was so adamant it was A's (of BMJ fame) birthday on Wednesday (when really it was Tuesday) that both Natski (of Rock the Kazbaar) and I (who should have known better and really did) didn't ring A until Wednesday to wish her a Happy Birthday.

B has known A for longer than either of us (20+ years???) and he has a range of excuses that A seemed able to forgive him, but I am not going to be so kind. You made Nat and I look like idiots buddy! So I am awarding you 'boofhead of the week' twice!

And how was this for trying to score points.... last night B cooked a special birthday dinner* for A and for entertainment dropped his trousers to reveal his new blue monkey boxers. The strategically positioned bananas got a laugh.
Blue Monkey Boxers
*Nat made a cheesecake (from scratch, that always impresses me the cook whose offerings are generally burnt) and it was yum - ginger biscuit base, praline and very creamy. Although the boy was spoilt, not liking cheesecake Nat had taken care of him with a mini mudcake.
Blue Monkey B'day

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