21 June, 2005

packing up the house

I am very fortunate to work in an organisation that provides three days moving leave. This has enabled me the next few days for packing and moving what I can carry myself ahead of the removalists on Thursday. So far I have managed two trailer loads to the new house and packed a third trailer load. I am having a few minutes rest before heading off again, although I am not that keen, as it is now quite dark. B has gone to get more boxes from my brother and SIL's before he has to head off for physio. I can't believe the number of boxes we have needed - we have availed ourselves of the free boxes from Bunnings, some from Coles the other night care of the early nightfill*, boxes from Mum and Dad, and boxes lent to us from B's friend from work Mel.

Here's some photos of the packing in progress.

Packing assistant

OK so whats in here???
*I will never complain about the nightfill again, even though I can't comprehend how they always seem to be doing it when I do my shopping, no matter what time of the day it is, and always in the way of items I need

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