03 June, 2005

for lease

the sign is up, its official we will be moving in a couple of weeks. So far in preparation we have bought a pad of notecards to let people know of our new address, and made a list of things to be done before we move out. The list isn't very long though and some of the tasks we have already completed. I think I am missing some things. The list so far:

  • replace silicone seal around bath
  • remove shelf in bedroom and patch up paintwork
  • pull up hippeastrum bulbs done
  • patch hole in bathroom ceiling done
  • fix leaking toilet sort of done (B had it fixed, until I did a Sunday 5am adjustment which meant 2 more trips to the hardware, still the toilet is leaking except from a completely new spot)
  • replace flyscreen on back door done, but at the rate Jasmine is clawing at it, it might need replacing again.
  • clean carpets, and
  • pack, pack, pack!

Hippeastrum bulbs

We have contacted four removalists, one out of the local paper which provides a basic service - hourly rate, 2 men and a truck, and 2 big names whose quotes were frightening (one in particular), but have decided to go with Giraffe Furniture Removals, who provided a mid range over the phone quote of an hourly rate for 2 men and a truck. I am going to get them to do the bulky stuff (furniture, fridge, washer and such) and I will do anything I can carry, myself. If anyone who reads this has used Giraffe Furniture Removals in the past or knows of anyone who has used them, I welcome your feedback.

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