26 July, 2005

I am still here

I feel compelled to write something just to let you know that I am still here. So here goes. B is back and has gone again - back tomorrow night. I am suffering here on my own... I have unpacked most of the boxes, and found places for most of our things, although, we have a distinct lack of storage, and what does look like storage aka one of the built in wardrobes, has no shelves. A trip to IKEA is needed.

In addition to all the unpacking, I have spent the last 3 weeks at work and on weekends working on the house, namely replacing glass which I would have given up on if it were not for dad (and mum providing the sustenance). The glass is all replaced now and after a productive weekend the light is replaced in our bedroom (brought with us from the old place), we have wall lights in the dining room, an austrian blind and curtain material has been purchased for the bay window, a new letterbox is in place, and more of the privet has been chopped down.

We have met the neighbours to the South, and that is another story......

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