01 October, 2006

momentous birthdays

today is the allocated* birthday for our little Jasmine who is five. This is her 2006 birthday portrait.

Jasmine 5th birthday
And before time gets too far away and we are on momentous birthdays, we had the pleasure of celebrating little B's first birthday, last Sunday. And you've just got to love the cake made by her dad 'faeries and mushroom', it was just too cute.

Breanna's Cake
*the people we rescued her from didn't know the date she was born or even how many weeks old she was when they gave her to us, I am guessing she was only about 6 weeks old. She was too young really but as the mother and litter had to fend for themselves, all but two, including our Jas were no longer. So from our estimations we set the first of October as her birthday.

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