18 October, 2006

so simple biscuit treat

Whilst at the hairdressers, flipping through a magazine, as you do, I came across a recipe for wagon wheel type biscuits. So simple is the recipe, that I could remember the ingredients and instructions a week later when called upon to make something for a morning tea at work.

Marie biscuits, 'top and fill' caramel stuff, marshmallows, chocolate

Instructions on how to make
Spread 'top and fill' caramel stuff on half of the biscuits. Place a marshmallow on each of the remaining biscuits, and doing a few at a time, microwave for 30 seconds or so. The marshmallow will soften/melt and expand. Remove from the microwave and join to the biscuit you have spread with caramel stuff. When this step has been completed, melt some chocolate and ideally with a piping bag, otherwise a snap-lock plastic bag with the corner snipped, pipe melted chocolate over the biscuits. Allow chocolate to set, and serve, or store in an airtight container.

I love these biscuits, they take 10 minutes to make, are guaranteed fool-proof (If you don’t pick up the ceramic plate you have been using in the microwave too soon. This has no effect on the biscuits, unless you drop them of course, but does burn the fingers.), and people seem to like them.

With success going to my head I feel the need to share the recipe with the world. The potential for birthday parties, as a special treat, for school fetes, and morning teas, the opportunities are endless.

The variations are also endless. I am sure if you don’t like the caramel you could substitute for jam, just like a real wagon wheel. Also, if you don’t have the Marie biscuits another plain biscuit could be an interesting twist. On a creative roll now and with a work morning tea tomorrow, this evening I shall be giving Chocolate Ripples a go.

Too exciting!

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