31 October, 2006

change the world ~ no 26

for a while now I have been after this book. It used to be sold by the people who sell The Big Issue, but as I don't work in Sydney CBD I was not able to purchase it when it was first launched. I had actually given up on ever seeing it however, a trip to Borders last Tuesday, I came across it on display and naturally secured a copy.

It is a great little book, I read it from cover to cover before bed and was truly inspired, so much so that I had to have an (over the counter) sleeping tablet to switch my mind off. This was not such a great idea as I felt terrible the next day and when I finally got to work fate had provided me with the opportunity to get started on saving the world in action 26 'Give Blood'.

As a socially responsible corporate, my workplace organises a regular bus trip to the blood bank. I have not participated in the past, but there were a few unfilled seats and apparently Sydney was down to half a days supply, also I had committed to saving the world the night before, and fate had provided me this opportunity so how could I refuse. A few mental calculations, I had eaten breakfast, and could squeeze in a couple of glasses of water before 12.30 no problem.

In addition, No 26 stated

"The medical side-effects of giving blood.

  1. Slight Euphoria
  2. Puffed up chest
  3. Broad smile

One in three Australians will need blood in their lifetime, yet only one in thirty currently donates.

Who would have thought that something so easy to do could have such profound effects? Your one donation could help to save up to three people's lives.

Bloody fantastic."

Well a week later I can confirm that it is a very worthwhile experience, although for other first timers, I advise to prepare yourself properly, don't go on a whim and if you do, drink, eat and drink some more. Don't have an over the counter sleeping tablet the night before, and if you feel in any way strange let the staff know. Otherwise you will faint, be at the blood bank for 2 1/2 hours and even then you may not be able to leave (unless you have a friend to accompany you, thank you C), and feel a bit deflated about saving the world.

Getting back on track, and with other avenues to save the world, I have formally signed up to do more, and will even give blood donoring another go.

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