16 November, 2006

New Zealand

After declaring myself a criminal with 12 months imprisonment, and B declaring he was importing prohibited goods (a wheat pack for his back) we were allowed access to New Zealand. No, polite Border Security Officer, I did not read the question properly. My excuse

  • my sore foot, that I think may be broken after launching myself off a gutter on Saturday morning and has been strapped up until the morning of our flight across the pond,
  • a scrambled brain from doing my last exam the day before,
  • not sleeping well the night before my exam, and
  • not sleeping well the night before the flight, for fear of sleeping in.

Making the most of our time here, we have hired a car, that way we can get from A to B more quickly and hopefully pack more in. So far we have managed to pack a lot in, although I can’t say that the car has enabled us to get from one destination to the next that quickly, we seem to get lost quite easily. Anyway today we have been to Parnell’s Rose Garden and Parnell Village

Parnell Rose Garden
Mt Eden Gardens,

Mt Eden Gardens
Devonport via the Ferry ,

Auckland from Devonport

Ellerslie to scope out where we needed to be tomorrow for the Ellerslie Flower Show, only to find out after driving around for over an hour or so, that the Ellerslie Flower Show is not actually in Ellerslie this year but at the Auckland Botanic Gardens about half an hour in the opposite direction, and of course we had to scope this out, adding an hour round trip to the end of the day. Needless to say we are having a great time discovering Auckland but are exhausted.

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