17 November, 2006

thank god for starbucks

we have been able to escape the confines of our tiny (real real tiny, hot, non-airconditioned, fridgeless, bathless - although it does have a shower, and dated) room. Needless to say, we are checking out (early) Sunday morning. I do like to go off on a tangent, but thank god for Starbucks we can escape and through the marvels of wireless internet report whilst sipping frappuccinos, that we have had an absolutely brilliant day at the Ellerslie Flower Show.

After a rocky start, see previous post, we arrived at Auckland Botanic Gardens with an hour and a quarter to spare (someone didn't read the times). Anyway, we got a great parking spot, and they don't charge for parking, or seem to have toll roads, sorry off on that tangent again. The Botanic Gardens are awe inspiring, better than my memory of Kew, and they blew my mind at the time. Ellerslie Flower Show itself was better than I could have expected, it leaves Melbourne Flower Show for dead and I am sorry to say my favourite 'Show' the Royal Easter Show is shabby in comparison. I think one of the nice things about Ellerslie is that it is such a celebration of New Zealand. It is also really big, soooo many stalls, craft, art, food, more food (and lots of tasting), and of course garden displays. We have bought some seeds which we are hoping will pass quarantine, and some garden ornaments that (are heavy) were too cute to pass up. We were at the gardens till after 3pm, B's back and my foot were at their limit. We only got a cursery look at the Botanic Gardens so will probably try and get back there on Tuesday for brekky.

We had an early (5pm) dinner at the Seafood Catch at the Auckland Fish Market - fish and chips to die for. Feeling rested after our dinner we checked out the Victoria Park Market, we were there for less than half an hour, it was a real disappointment. Great building though so I guess not a complete waste of time, it also meant that we have more time for our planned market day, tomorrow, when we explore Aucklands Biggest Garage Sale, and the Aotea Markets a block or so from the hotel. And if we get through these without doing ourselves in, we have a garden to explore whose name escapes me.

Anyway, time to go, B promises photos in his post.

Oh and by the way, Sydney friends, it has been on average 24 degrees C, although yesterday we did have four seasons in the hour throughout the day.

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