02 November, 2006

Whilst you were sleeping...

Sound familiar?

Well 'L', whilst you were sleeping (lucky you), I am yet to get to sleep!
I have been unable to get off to sleep with L in Melb today until Fri. You see, I am off with my recurring bad back, and I am just not at all comfortable at the moment. And, this is compounded with no one to the right! Last night, we tried swapping sides of the bed, but somebody forgot to tell Jasmine the cat. At around 3.30am, she jumped up onto the bed (expecting to see L I think and was suitable horrified when it was me. After the licking (and why is it cats have rough tounge?) and then a bite or two, I gave her the heave hoe and off the bed you go.
So, since Sunday night, I think I have had the grand total of around 10 hours sleep!!
Best be off to (try) sleeping now...

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