14 April, 2007

Aluth Avurudhu

babel fish has let me down, I wanted to be able to title this post 'happy new year' in Sinhalese, instead I believe the heading is just 'new year'. Babel fish does not have an English to Sinhalese option that I can find.

Thanks to this site for also providing the following information.
In Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese New Year falls In April when the sun moves from the Meena Rashiya otherwise known as the 'House of Pisces', to the Mesha Rashiya or
'House of Aries'. Sri Lankans then begin celebrating their New Year known as 'Aluth Avurudhu' in Sinhala and 'Puththandu' in Tamil. The timing of the New Year begins at the time determined by astrologers. They not only calculate the beginning of the new year but also the conclusion of the old. You might think that surely where one year ends another simply begins, but not so. Here, there is a period of a few hours in between both years called the 'nona gathe' or neutral period during which no one works and all are expected to engage in religious activities.
Happy New Year and special thanks to our friend R for allowing us to share New Year with you today, and this amazing feast she purchased from Flavour of Ceylon.

Sri Lankan Feast

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