12 April, 2007


jeans, jeans, jeans

apparently yesterday I used up almost 20% of our monthly 1G internet account. It must have been discovering that you can watch past episodes of Martha Stewart and indulging.

It is really hard work resting, I have read my
book, watched tv (Dr Phil, Judge Judy, love it), done the odd bit of dusting, vacuuming, and general tidying up. Being at home through the day with the sun streaming in, you really notice the dust, and it gets me quite agitated, not good when you have been told your blood pressure is high and a brain scan is required. Hmmm, yes a brain scan, I only went to the doctors on Tuesday because I thought I was coming down with a cold or the flu, and yes I have had a constant headache for a fortnight but I was putting that down to work stress, so a couple of days rest and I would be right for the month ahead of conferences, workshops, graduations, trip to Queensland, trip to Melbourne, submissions, presentations ....... and other life changing possibilities, I guess now we shall see.

In the pursuit of resting and making the most of this week at home, I have gathered up our old jeans and will try and out do yesterday's internet usage (only joking B) for recycled denim jeans quilt inspiration.

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