08 April, 2007

Happy Easter

easter treats
after trepidations about easter, due to recent family gatherings that have unavoidably strongly focused on the pregnancy's of the two sisters (remember I am oversensitive), I put on a brave face and we joined our family for easter.

The venue this year was Randwick, at my auntie's (mum's sister). The weather was great and all the family except for the youngest sister and her husband attended. We had baked pork and vegetables for lunch and cakes, cakes and more cakes for dessert. There were so many cakes that one went home with its maker (my grandmother) untouched and the other got dissected and went home with willing recipients. I cant't believe that my grandparents made it through yet another yearly milestone and that my grandmother was able to make a cake for the day. They are so well.

After lunch we took ourselves to Centennial Park for coffee, fresh air and to walk off some of the calories.

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