31 August, 2007

Some more flowers and garden art (and a cat thrown in as well!)

Double white Hellebours

Resting Buddha, who resides under a Cupressus macrocarpa in the front yard.
A 'Red Tulip' we have in flower at the moment.

'Jasmine' our cat enjoying the winter sun...


  1. Love the cat, and especially the buddha photos:-)

    Just wanted to get a comment in before the deluge from Michele's!


  2. Love the photos! thanks for sharing...and that cat is lovely..makes u want to reach out and touch it's fur...purrrrrr
    Here from Michele's today!

  3. Apparently someone wonderful has a brand new wonderful blog. Lucky us - us being every single person who is lucky or wise enough to stop by and see your beautiful pictures.

    The double white hellebours is beautiful and of course Jasmine is, as always, delightful.

    I look forward to seeing more of your pictures Bernie, they always make me smile.

  4. I relate to well to the buddha:


    Congrats on the new blog. I LOVE your photos!

    What are you shooting with?

  5. I too have a photo blog Bernie (Melody delurks), here at http://melodysmobileblog.blogspot.com/

    Great shots BTW, I love macro shots...


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