14 September, 2007

oh please, be ready!!!

I had been asked, weeks ago mind you, to help a friend to move house. I did tell this person, that if I did I could only drive as I can not lift or shift anything heavy, and this was ok. I also told this person, that if they were to get a trailer, I had a tow bar and they can get the trailer. All organised? Nup!!

I had a call on Wednesday, asking for help on Thursday after work, sorted I will be there, BUT YOU HAD BETTER BE READY TO GO, as I do not want to be away from L for to long... Now it is a bit of a drive from home to the place, but off I went yesterday afternoon. When I got there, nothing, and I mean NOTHING was packed or ready to go, except the bed (Queen size) was in bits. I was not impressed and asked what the hell was going on? They were expecting to put it, the mattress and frame, INTO my car!

Now here is the crunch, I drive a Suzuki Vitara (Suzuki Sidekick) Station Wagon 4WD (SUV). It is small. A single mattress would not fit in let alone a Queen size one. And, as we had discussed weeks ago, if they were to get a trailer, it would make things easier, and this was agreed!

So, I left them them to it and off I went back home, sore from the drive in, angry that I had wasted nearly 3 hours driving in and back but I was now going to be late for seeing L as I would be driving back in the peak hour traffic.

So, please, if you are going to ask for help to move, BE READY!!!

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