02 January, 2008

eight things for 2008

Wordless Wednesday, is next post down...

  1. Make a Picnic Rug, the store bought one we used for NYE, is ugly and uncomfortable.
  2. Laundry Conversion to be complete by the end of February.
  3. Bathroom Makeover to be completed by the end of June.
  4. I pledge Handmade.
  5. I plan to 'Pay it Forward'.
  6. Phone a friend a month, some of my friends have been so neglected, we didn’t even get out Christmas cards in 2007, this will not happen in 2008. Those of you who have stayed with us, I thank you.
  7. Cook more dinners, I hate to admit it, but B carries more than his weight in this area. And it makes me feel real bad.
  8. Work smarter, I gotta get this sorted for a more sane 2008.

Continue with 2007 resolutions to Stress Less, Blog more regularly, Read more fiction, go to the movies more often (the target being at least 1 movie per quarter), and oh, the baby thing.

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