22 January, 2008

save the whales

Mystery package (souvenir) revealled....... (Backlog & Mystery Post)

Save the Whales
The scandalous whaling program Japan is conducting in the Southern Ocean is getting quite a bit of well deserved attention in the media. I am going to take a personal stand, there will be no more Japanese fabrics purchased by me until they STOP!

Our Whale is a weather vane purchased on our last trip to New Zealand, not the easiest thing to transport I can tell you. It took a bit of creative packaging that included a singlet of dad's (true), a pair of B's jeans that ripped whilst travelling, micropore (I always carry this, something about being accident prone, and an allergy to bandaids), recycled bubblewrap care of a photographic store in Nelson, and cardboard, again recycled care of a store in Nelson, and packing tape.

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