08 January, 2008

Where did the weekend go??

We had so much planned for the weekend:
  • Gut out the Laundry, to make way for the renovations (2nd Toilet & Shower, re-tile and new cupboards)
  • Lawns & Gardening, which have been slightly neglected since going to New Zealand!
  • Computer issues, as we needed to install a Wireless Network Card so is it can pick up the new modem/router... (I actually got this done!!)
  • Go and visit a Gallery over at Gymea (did this as well, and L will have to blog about her purchase... It is lovely, and in keeping of her 2008 goals)!
Then we had a phone call from the MIL. She was in tears as the FIL was in Hospital. His heart was the issue, again! So, with a friend in tow, we headed from one side of Sydney to the other to get to the hospital. He was on a machine with leads from his chest and apparently, his BP had dropped dramatically and his heart rate went through the roof (190)! Whilst we were there, he seemed to be in good spirits, although I think he looked tired. We left (me in the FIL's car as it was at the hospital and L in our car) to drop the MIL at home. By the time we got home, and made dinner (Spaghetti Bolognaise) it was now 9.30pm!
Sunday was not much better. in saying that we would get over to pick up the MIL at 9am, well were had just woken up, so we were running a little late!!! FIL was insistent that she go to the Antique Markets, a regular event for them, before going into visit him. When we got to the hospital, he was looking much better, his heart had a better rhythm and everything was looking OK. After a couple of hours, we left to go for a Iced Chocolate at Indulgence, when we got the call to come back to the hospital, this time, to collect him as he was being discharged! Home again around 6pm. No gardening done, the laundry was still the same, and after a couple of hours, I finally got the desktop PC to talk to the new modem/router. PHEW!

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