03 August, 2009

In Madrid!

I am in Madrid! It may have taken a 13 hour flight, with a moderate amount of turbulance, broken sleep THANKS to the turbulance and finally waiting over an 90 mins until my room to get ready (I did arrive well before check-in time though), but I finally got to my room at the Hotel Osuna. I very quickly got some things unpacked, laptop on charge and I hit the bed and thought I was going to have a quick (2 hour) nap... This ended up being nearly 4, but I was tired!

When I woke up, I had a quick shower to freshen up, and headed off to get lost, find the Metro. It was hot, and seemed to be getting hotter as I walked to the station, so I was glad to see that the train had A/C! It was about a 30 min train trip and I was in the heart of Madrid! Not really sure of where I was going, but I stumbled my way through what appeard to be the main square, a I followed the majority of people, and ended up down at the Art Gallery. Turning right, again following other people, I stumbled across the Royal Botanic Gardens Madrid! (planned all along, yeah RIGHT!). Not that there is anything wrong with the entrance to my work, but isn't this a grand entrance!

RBG Madrid Entrance, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

In the interest of saving time bringing a lot of images across, I have again used one of my favourite Flicker toys, and made another mosiac...

Inside the Gardens was also a cute little pond, surrounded by grass that had a sign, "Please Keep Off The Grass", which is in total contrast to work, where we WANT you to go on the grass!

RBG Madrid Pond, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

When I was heading back to find the Metro, there was this huge roundabout, that had one of the best gardens I have ever seen inside of it.

Madrid Roundabout, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

So, that's the first day from me in Madrid... I have a few things planned, but for now, I am heading for a swim in the pool... Cya!


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