02 May, 2010

Day 30: - Pyramids and the Nile!

A 'Day trip' to see the Pyramids AND a trip up the Nile...

Today was a day, that I think I had been quietly looking forward to! It was a day to visit the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau, The Sphinx, then onto the Nile for a buffet lunch whilst cruising up the infamous river. After lunch, we then headed to Egypt's largest Mosq which was amazing.

But first, the bus ride through Alexandria under armed guard. This was interesting as it was, in some ways, an eye-opener to say the least! Ok, I had seen it all before in Doha, but for some reason, it seemed a little worse! Others on the bus were really quite taken back by the almost sheer filth about the place. Not to mention the amount of properties that were incomplete as well! Now I am fairly open to seeing new experiences when visiting other countries and cultures, and trued to explain to these people that this is WHAT the locals only know. I wished that there was a bucket of money that would get people out of the poverty they are in...

When we were nearing Giza, suddenly through the breaks in sudden hotels everywhere, we spotted TWO Pyramids; one with the very top missing whilst the other still had the polished limestone on the top! These were truly a grand site to see and the closer we got to them, the great the 'awe' I was in... Once we got off the bus, it was GREAT to feel the warmth from the sun, something we had been missing since leaving home! It was also dusty and the air was dry. We headed for the nearest vantage point to get some photos, before heading around the front of the Great Pyramid. And NO, we did NOT go in as time was not on our side, nor was the entrance hole!

After about 45 mins, we re-boarded the bus to the top 'lookout' where we can get some shots with the city of Cairo in the background. It was almost utter chaos up here as there were many people trying to get unobstructed photos of loved ones with the Pyramids in the background (me included). In the end I gave up, and every time someone walked through my shot, I simply started to say "Thank You"! It soon got the desired reaction!

After 20 mins, it was back onto the bus and down the hill to the Sphinx. Again, an awesome sight with so many people here! We had a ticket to go in and walk around the giant creature, but when we got to the stairs to go up, it was so busy and we would have gotten up only to come down due to time! Yes, time was not on our side today as we had so much to fit into the 12.5 hours we were out! But I think I got some good shots!

Now we were heading to the Nile for the lunch as we cruised up, down and back. We had a belly dancer, some great food from the buffet, and even a guy in a skirt who spun around... Check out the pics, he was amazing! I went to get some pictures from the front whilst we were turning for home, when I was invited to the 'bridge' for a photo of ME at the controls! I think I did OK as no-one even knew I was out there until I showed them the photos to prove it!! Oh, and whilst I was out there, Michael saw a Crocodile!!! EKK!

Then it was off to the Mosq, where upon arrival, we had to put our shoes into the plastic bags provided at the start of the journey. It was dark inside, with many lights, but it was such an amazing building!

From here, we headed for the shopping spot and demonstration of the paper making from Paparyus. The paper making was good to see, but I had to pick up my Katoosh (sp) that I had ordered! It spells out in Hieroglyphics:

  • L: Controlling and Bossy
  • O: Funny and adventurous
  • U: Stubborn
  • Symbol of Lotus for 'Love'
  • Symbol of the Protector

Then on the opposite side it says:

  • B: Travelling everywhere
  • E: Fair and Just
  • R: Talk to Much
  • N: Flexible
  • Symbol of the Scarab Beetle for 'Long Life'

So, in essence it will read as Lou, my love will be protecting me for a long life...

So we FINALLY got back to the ship at 9pm, just had dinner and it is now nearly 11pm... Good Night!



  1. Lynne (aka as The Eastern Suburbs Princess)2 May 2010 at 07:15

    I think you spell it 'cartouche', but I could be wrong!

  2. Sounds like an incredible day! The pictures were all super!


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