20 September, 2010

Olympics: - A 10th Anniversary of "The Best Games Ever"

Recently, Sydney celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Sydney hosting "The most successful Olympic Games ever" (Juan-Antonio Samaranch, had withheld from Atlanta in 1996 the epithet "best-ever Games", which he first delivered at the closing of the Olympics in his home city of Barcelona, in 1992, and then also accorded Sydney in 2000).

It was a busy day, in that there was a LOT of people at the venue, to witness the relighting of the Olympic Cauldron. To mark the occasion, Cathy Freeman was invited to light the cauldron, although this time, hoping that the technical glitch that had it sitting just above her for 3mins and 40 seconds did not happen again! However, her nemesis paid a visit with the Cauldron lighting itself, and later extinguished, before she got there to do the job properly! Here is what the cauldron looks like during the day:

Cauldron Close

And here it is, at dusk, with the flame burning again;

Cauldron at Dusk

Sydney, during the games, was such a great atmosphere to be in. People were friendlier than normal, the public transport ran better than it ever had (still to this day) and the vibe was just awesome! It was a time that I will certainly never forget!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. Has it really been 10 years? Oh my, seems like just yesterday!


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