28 September, 2010

Something a little 'sporty'

It all started the weekend BEFORE the Grand Final, that wasn't! Let me explain...

Saturday morning of the 18th September, I was invited out to Blacktown Olympic Stadium for the U18 AFL Grand Final to watch a mate play. It was SUCH a good game, and at the end of regular time, it was all tied up at 87 each! now here is where the rules differ between this lower grade and that of the AFL in that, here they played an additional 5 mins each way PLUS 'time on' so as a result could be achieved, WHERE AS in the AFL, they are playing the Grand Final AGAIN this Saturday! Stupidity! So here are some pics from the day:

First Bounce GAME ON
Fighting for the ball
Full Time Score
Full Time after extra TIME
Done well guys, you can hold you heads high!

Blacktown Olympic Stadium was the home for Baseball & Softball for the Olympics in 2000, and they later included a turf cricket pitch (my former work life was managing these) and is now a multi-purpose stadium including AFL.

Blacktown Olympic Park

So, this weekend (which is a long weekend here) will have the AFL replay Grand Final (now with 5 mins each way + time on) on Saturday, the NRL Grand Final on Sunday and a rest day on the Monday!!! AND, I think there may even be a car race as well, bring it on!!!!

Predictions FOR the weekend? Well as it seems lately every game I put a 'tip' out there, my team goes down, BUT I WILL STILL stay with St Kilda in the AFL and any other team OTHER than St George in the NRL, so GO the Roosters!!!!!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Great pictures as always!
    Have I mentioned how much I like your Blog redesign? I took a bit and roamed around. Looking very, very nice!

  2. hmmm will be saints and saints I think!


  3. Thanks so much for happening on my blog (man, since your thumb is green, it must have been startling to see my pathetic rose bush twig). The main reason for the thanks is that I reciprocated and got to bounce around among your beautiful photos. And this is a new blog design? It's really nice as well. Usually "on black" designs are kind of off-putting, much as I love black, but this one's perfect and really highlights the photographs to great effect.


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