13 September, 2010

A short trip to Melbourne Pt 1 of 2

Since my last post, I have now had stitches removed and a little more mobile... This allowed me to venture south, to Melbourne, for the Semi-final match for the Swans 'v' Western Bulldogs.

However, the weekend was a real let down for me, sports wise, due to multiple losses! Let me show you JUST how bad it was:

  • AFL: - Swans v Western Bulldogs (10.12. 72 - 11.11 77)
  • Rugby Union: - Australia 'v' New Zealand (22 - 23)
  • Sydney Roosters 'v' West Tigers (19 - 15) which had a field goal scored in the dieing minutes to go to Golden Point time!!!

Aside from these poor results, after the flight down late Friday night (after seeing the GP) I headed straight for bed. Sydney airport has a very STRICT curfew of 11pm. Our flight was delayed after the mornings heave fog, and as our aircraft went to Perth, which meant we had our wheels up at 10.58pm!

On Saturday, whilst others slept in, I went into Richmond for breakfast at the 'Groove Train'. The breakfast was fast, service great, but more importantly, the food was excellent!

Groove Train Breakie

After this, we then headed into the Yarra Valley, a Wine District. Mr L has become very use to the 'bubbles' of the famous Chandon of Moet & Chandon fame!

Moet & Chandon
Chandon Cork

We also had a look around the Gardens, which were really special...

Chandon Vines
Chandon House Lawn
Chandon House
Chandon House Poppy Bed

After a trip around the Gardens, we then headed inside to have a look at the inner workings of such a winery, to the vats and barrels through to the 'Rittle Room' (which is where they turn the bottles every couple of days) and finally ending up in the shop where you could 'sample' the produce which is a must do of course!

Chandon Barrel Room
Master Rittler
Rittle Room
Chandon Tasters

Then it was to a lookout (War Memorial which doubles as the CFA Early Fire Lookout) to overlook some of the area and onto Melbourne in the distance, before heading back into Melbourne City and to the Game.

Melbourne in the distance...
MCG 11092010

I will post some more from the Sunday tomorrow, as this is already a long enough post... Hoo roo for now...



  1. Who are you kidding, Mr Rittler?

  2. Love the pictures, as always! What a fun event.; You would have found me sampling everything! Of course I swallow! Why spit out that wonderful wine?

  3. I painted Chilton House... with a bit of artistic licence.
    you can find it here


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