15 September, 2011

Oh man... Macc AGAIN!!!!

Well, that was a great start to the week... Macc was once again in at the Vets, not as critically ill this time, but still quite ill... He once again started to become lame in his rear legs, although this time he also had significant amount of pain as well.

Saturday night, when getting home from a catch-up dinner with my old next door neighbours whom I had not seen for around 22 years, I let Macc inside. He was 'limping' but he had difficulty laying down, he would not get comfortable and was crying almost all of the time. This had me worried, and it took him a long time to settle. I had one of his pain medications left so I gave that to him. He also positioned himself right in front of the heater I might add! So, I thought it may have just be arthritis!

Sunday morning though, he was back to normal, not a sign at ALL of the nights prior symptoms... However, Sunday evening after taking L&M over to Toongabbie to look at a car, we let him inside and a return of symptoms; although no where near as bad!

Monday morning, he was again quite bad, thus the trip to the local vet. When we arrived, he was quite sore, and his normal vet 'Uncle Allen' was not in, but his sidekick Jim was there to see Macc. The case notes from his visit tot he ARH in July was there, and it was 15 pages of notes, results etc, so he was paraphrasing reading, whilst checking Macc. We came to the conclusion that he needed to stay for a little while, run some bloods and see what happens. Whilst listening to his heart though, Jim noticed that instead of the normal two beat rhythm, he only had a single beat... This was not sounding good. They also found that, after a LONG time waiting for a urine specimen, that he has a kidney infection as well! Anyways, two days in the vets (only charged for a single day though) and all his medications, he's back home nearly $500 poorer!!!

This is encrypted: ***

So apart from that, I am looking at firming up travel arrangements in December, I was thinking of Bali or Vietnam originally in late December, but it now looks as though the UK will be an almost certainty! This was to have included a stop-over in Japan on the way through, this may now not be happening.

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. The trip sounds nice. So sorry that Macc continues this downward trend. I sure hope the pain meds and the heater give him some relief.


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