16 September, 2011

They grow up just too darn fast!!

The other week, Fathers Day actually, we had a family lunch and whilst I didn't manage to get a group shot like I normally like to, I did manage (over the course of the lunch) to get individual shots of the nephews and niece... And they simply are growing up WAY to fast!!!

Looking here at Mr M and his brother Mr W, now both at school and doing really well, it seems like only yesterday that L and I were up in Brisbane looking after them for a week... Although, I still remember the day that Mr M (who was in trouble) emptied his ENTIRE wardrobe and drawers and piled it behind his door so as we couldn't get into his room... Funny to look back on now!!

Mr M - 9

Mr W - 6

Then, there's Mr R and his little brother Mr J who really are very similar! Although, I think Mr J looks like his cousin Mr W at the same age!!! They are a funny pair, and I really like how Mr J is so laid back as casual...

Mr R - 4

Mr J - 2

And then there's Miss R and her little brother Mr J... She is a real little tomboy I reckon, and she gets in with her cousins and plays like there's no tomorrow! And don't let that cute little face of hers make you go all mushy, she's a little bruiser!!! And, Mr J, her little brother, well, who can resist a face like his???

Miss R - 4

Mr J - 2

Hoo roo for now...


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