18 September, 2011

End of an era - a Passionfruit era!

Well, today, it was an end of a very passionate era, I removed my passionfuit vine! These were put in JUST after L died in 2009, so they had done their time only being good for a couple of years! They may have gone an extra season, but the Lemon Myrtle, Blood Orange, Lemonade tree AND the Kaffia Lime tree were all suffering, so it was time to go.

It had stretched over some 15-18m along the colourbond fence. The last neighbours next door, after a spat of an argument concerning their dog getting into my yard, threw the vine BACK over when it was full of fruit! Silly them!


Anyways, my last bucket of fruit is going to be delivered to a old crafty blogging friend of L's, whom I've also become friends with since... I sent her a txt asking about her Vanilla Ice-Cream supply is like due to the vine removal, and, well lets say the reply seemed very keen to get some! So I am off to the Shire on Tues afternoon!

Last crop

Hoo roo for now...


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