10 May, 2020

Happy Mothers Day

So, this weekend was full of a LOT of hardworking, and RIP to my back; AGAIN!

Friday afternoon, I hired a Britex Carpet Cleaner from Woolworths. Feedback on mums house was that the carpets needed a clean and was putting off buyers. So, and the 'Sparrows Fart' I drove out to mums and got stuck into it.... And, they came up a treat! I thought that two rooms MAY have needed a second going over, but when I went back later in the day, they looked fine...

However, after lunch, I did my HUGE lounge room rug, one that was given to us by L's parents when we moved to Merrylands in 2005!! It was found on a 'Council Cleanup' and was used in the garden for L's 21st birthday!! L would be 50 now, so its an oldie, and pure wool as well!!! Now, I have been wanting to clean this rug since I moved here in 2016, thats almost 4 years now!!!! You can only imagine the colour of the water coming out of the machine!! (Thank GOD for some Endone in the reserve medication cabinet...)


So, after a HORRIBLE nights sleep of waking up every 2 hours, a hot shower at 0230, I gave up at about 0700 of any more sleep, and (slowly) got myself ready and drove to L's grave with some flowers, Sunflowers... I had 3, one each for L, and for each twin... The Chrysanthemum's and Gerbera's were for mum and home!


And on my way home, I then stopped in at Pinegrove, where I was reasonably lucky, as it wasn't TOO busy; just yet. Mums name plate/plaque had been installed recently... I later found out, from a mate coming to help put lounges back on the rug, that when he drove past, the line to get in was nearly 1km long!!!! So I am glad I did my visits early!!!!


And, after all of this, including resting my back, this afternoon I called J the MIL, and had a chat with her, its a shame that we couldn't get together today with this Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, but as of next week, some of the lockdown restrictions will be lifted, so maybe a belated day together....

So I hope you all had a great Mothers Day, or are about to HAVE the best Mothers Day pending on where you live...

Hoo roo for now...


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