03 May, 2020

Preparing the courtyard for Spring...

So, now that the courtyard is finished, I can now start planning my Spring display. Next to my recycled brick paving, I have two half wine barrels which have Climbing Roses in them. I am also using these for som Spring Annuals as well.

So I have had in my mind, Poppies (Papaver) and some Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia maritima syn.) in the pots, these are more pastels and whites in colour, and I also added in some Crocus (Crocus spp) in a dusty purple with a darker purple vein through the petal...


BUT, more importantly, before planting the seedlings, I had more important things to tend to, morning tea of Chocolate Hot Cross Buns with a cuppa!!!



Hoo roo for now...



  1. Chocolate Hot Cross Buns? It sounds sinfully delightful!
    We are just getting started with Spring. Unfortunately, because we are still forced to isolate, very few garden centers are open. I hope eventually to get tomatoes, cukes and some herbs for the patio garden.

  2. The Choc Hot Crossed Buns were fantastic... haha And GREAT with a coffee!!! (I don't think a tea would be as good??)

    I saw on the news (NBC Today?) this morning that an 'Arctic Blast' is going on for you, and that 'INCHES of snow' over the coming days!! Well, so Al Roker was saying!! haha


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