04 May, 2020

'The Spit' - a blessing though COVID-19

The Spit-0489

So far, in this pandemic of COVID-19, work has changed, a LOT! But for me, more fortunately, I have been filling in whilst another colleague is on leave...

And whilst I am grateful I still have a job, let alone a full weeks lot of work, we can't deny that through these challenging times, we are all on stress trying to work and make ends meet...

The view, sunrise doing my first job in Seaforth, is nothing more than a pleasure I have during this time!! How are you handling these challenging times??

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Beautiful spot! I was out and about and noticed the beauty of our lake and mountains. I'm on a bit of a schedule so I din't stop to snap a picture. Next time!

  2. YES - you should snap a pic... I use to take the camera with me EVERYWHERE, but now I am back working, its a bit difficult to 'conceal', so its 'iPhoneography' for me some days!!! haha


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