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16 May, 2020


Well, the marigold's are all up and kicking along and flowering well... I have these against a westerly wall, and get the full afternoon sun for a short while. Infront, I have Blue Lobelia's and behind, Sweet Pea's are climbing away well...





And whilst the Canna Lillies have almost finished and will be pruned back almost to ground level, the courtyard is looking so good. Come spring, with the Poppies, Alyssum and Crocus all up, new foliage on the Canna's, it will look really good; I can't wait to see how it grows!

Hoo roo for now...


05 May, 2020

Another dull day really

Well today was a bit of a 'just another day'... I had a bad nights sleep really, and I feel that was the catalyst for the day ahead! But I woke up before my alarm at 0430 anyway...

A quick shower and a shave, some breakfast whilst Bronty was outside, and I got the car ready for the work day ahead and left into the darkness and soon, rain...

Whilst the day itself went ok with nothing out of the ordinary happening, from Seaforth, to Darlinghurst and up to Galston and Kenthurst, before a quick stop at Lakeside Private Hospital....


But, getting home this afternoon I saw that the Poppies and Alyssum's were going great guns, as are the Marigolds, Sweet Peas and Lobelia's on the side of the house, so I would give them a foliar feed! So I set about mixing it up in a 9lt watering can, and hand watering them... I can't wait for Spring to bloom!!


Also, this past summer, the Cyathea Tree Ferns took a bit of a hit in the sun and heat, so I have moved them both together, and into a more protected area. As such, I have several new fronds rolling out...




Hoo roo for now...


03 May, 2020

Preparing the courtyard for Spring...

So, now that the courtyard is finished, I can now start planning my Spring display. Next to my recycled brick paving, I have two half wine barrels which have Climbing Roses in them. I am also using these for som Spring Annuals as well.

So I have had in my mind, Poppies (Papaver) and some Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia maritima syn.) in the pots, these are more pastels and whites in colour, and I also added in some Crocus (Crocus spp) in a dusty purple with a darker purple vein through the petal...


BUT, more importantly, before planting the seedlings, I had more important things to tend to, morning tea of Chocolate Hot Cross Buns with a cuppa!!!



Hoo roo for now...