01 December, 2015

NSW LG Excellence in the Environment Awards

Well, its been another year since the NSW Local Government Excellence in the environment Awards...

This year, I again was invited to judge the 'Louise Petchell Memorial Award for Individual Sustainability" Award, and then, present the award to the recipient.

This year, the event was held at the Dockside Function Centre, Darling Harbour; in 33c heat!! YAY, we ALL know how much I HATE wearing a suit and tie, right!!

Lunch was impressive, and I had the 'Seared Salmon Supreme, Almond Crusted with aged red wine sauce, caramelised vine ripens tomatoes & asparagus tip (which I left of course) on a bed of mash...

Seared Salmon Supreme, Almond Crusted with aged red wine sauce, caramelised vine ripens tomatoes & asparagus tips

For dessert, I had the Mango & Raspberry sorbet cake, with a seasonal berry compote with a passionfruit coulis...

Mango & Raspberry sorbet cake, with a seasonal berry compote with a passionfruit coulis

At the conclusion of the event, all of the awardees had an official photo taken, below, I will be sent the pics hopefully tomorrow, so I will update then with another post etc...

Awardees of the 2015 LGNSW Excellence in the Environment Awards

I would like to thank all those associated with the Awards, and making Louise's memorial even more important today, 6 years after her passing...

Hoo roo for now...

21 November, 2015

Re-blogging again VERY soon...

Cobwebs and Dust

Hey - remember me??

Well I have not forgotten about blogging, though post history would suggest otherwise hey.... lol

BUT, from the beginning of December, you can expect more posts, and perhaps a new layout, we will see.... Stay tuned!

Hoo roo for now...

17 December, 2014

14 - Today we'd be wed 14 years...

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10 September, 2014

Wordless Wednesday No. 92 - Steel Wool Sparks

R Y A N - Steel Wool-2

I KNOW it has been a while since posting, but I have been, somewhat busy...

Here in this pic, my friend from Brisbane, is 'twirling' steel wool, that is in an old whisk... When lit, and then twirled, it offers a spectacular result!!! Enjoy

Hoo roo for now...


07 June, 2014

The Dish - Parkes!

Remember that classic Australian movie, The Dish? Well, tonight, after dinner, I managed to get out to have a look at 'The Dish' and get some photos....

Now I had thought it was pretty big, huge even, but I actually thought it may have been bigger than it was!!! But, I was still in amazement with its sheer size!! I will want to go back in the daylight and have another look at it though!

We also managed to get some more Milky Way shots as well!!!

Hoo roo for now...


02 June, 2014

Vivid Sydney 2014

YES, its THAT time of year.... AGAIN! Its Vivid Sydney, and lots of late nights and colour!

This year though, I am doing things slightly differently. So far, I have done the Opera House sequence, and the Bridge from Blues Point. Tomorrow, hopefully, I shall try something a little different, and do a time-lapse and some of the installation in Martin Place, but for now, enjoy this little slide show!

So, expect a couple more posts from Vivid 2014!

Hoo roo for now...


13 May, 2014

Wordless Wednesday No. 91 - Brisbane

S T O R E Y - B R I D G E-2478

This is a 'not quite so' wordless post, sorry! But, the other week, I was up in Brisbane, the Capital city of Queensland. It is a nice enough city, and I was there for the Sydney Swans v Brisbane Lions AFL game, which we (Swans) won easily!

However, I had SUCH a good time up there, doing some photography (story bridge above), that I am again heading up in a weeks time! This time, I shall be doing some slightly different stuff to the 'norm' I have been challenging myself with...

I have been doing a few 'Time-Lapse' things later, and here is the Storey Bridge.

I've also gotta say, there a mighty fine bunch of friends up in Brisbane, and I will be happy to catch up and do some more photography again!

Hoo roo for now...


15 April, 2014

5 Years on - missing you still....

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09 April, 2014

Wordless Wednesday No. 90 - Perth Sunrise Timelapse

Perth Sunrise-5394

click the HD 1080p for a better view

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