14 June, 2004

Hello there!!
Well, we are now in Coventry, and at the moment, both L & R are in a meeting with the local council.
We had a little bit of bother finding the little B&B we are staying in, but we did eventually get there. It is a quaint little place, everything looks sort of authentic, until you either knock it or look closer at it to see that it really is a bit of a replica!!
We all boarded the same flight (a first for the whole trip) out of Aalborg, for the 35 min trip to Copenhagen. L made the comment after we landed, that there must have been a trainee pilot as there were three people in the cockpit, and it was an extremely rough landing!
I had (what was supposed to be a quick 20 min connection) but was eventually nearly 1hr 30 min delay due to technical difficulty on the plane. We eventually took off, and the seat belt light was not removed AT ALL for the entire flight. The only people that were allowed to walk the aisles were the cabin crew!! It was and very bumpy ride, and when we did land, either the brakes were squealing or the wheels had locked. You know the noise of car tyres locking up......
The weather here is much better than in Denmark, and it is absolutely football (Soccer) mad with Euro 2004 starting on the weekend. Unfortunately, it appears as though Britain lost to France, YEAH!!!
I am doing this entry from the Library. As I am a visitor, I get a 1hr FREE access, where as if you’re a resident, you have to pay for it!!!
Well, I had better go now.

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  1. Hi B&L,
    Hope that your trip is going well!!


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